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Philly Tech Guide

A Guide to Tech and Entrepreneurship in the City of Brotherly Love

Credit: Photo by B. Krist for Visit Philadelphia


Welcome to Philadelphia

Tech Thrives in Philly

According to AngelList, 1500+ startups thrive in the Philadelphia area. These startups combine to create a diverse entrepreneurial community focusing on SaaS, edtech, digital health and biotech. Philly is the nation's fifth largest city, and is at the center of a high concentration of schools and corporations. Several Fortune 500 companies are located within the Greater Philadelphia Area, and there are over 100 degree-granting institutions right in the Greater Philly Area, including 5 medical schools and 22 nursing schools. One of the wonderful things about starting up in Philadelphia is that all of the entrepreneurs, providers, partners, mentors, talent and customers are nearby and accessible. At the same time, Philadelphia is a big city with a small town vibe. People are always happy grab a bite to eat and figure out how they can help you build your dream. 

Philly Tech Guide is here to introduce you to the local scene, whether you're considering a job here, moving your company to the area, or you live here already and want to get into technology. For info and stats about the Philly tech scene, our friends at Philly have put together an infographic tour of the city here. For more information about starting up here, including tax credits, check out the city-backed StartupPHL program here

Philly Startup Leaders was created to link disparate resources across the Philly tech community. Our board is made up of successful entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and government officials: a true representation of the tightly knit entrepreneurial community in our city. PSL and the city as a whole want startups to succeed. We'll do whatever it takes to make that possible. 

So poke aroud Philly Tech Guide. Get acquainted with our community. We know you’ll love it here.

See you around,

The Philly Startup Leaders Team


Life in PHIlly

Philadelphia is a thriving big city (the 5th largest in the US) and also the 4th most walkable city in the country. We love parks (top ten park cities in the world), bikes (most bikeable downtown), and are just a breezy Amtrak ride away from NYC and DC. Philly is also super afforadable, it was named one of the top 5 most affordable housing markets for millenials.

PS: the city does not mess around when it comes to beer and coffee. The city's offerings range from pop-up beer gardens (check out why we love them so much here) to incredible hometown coffee places with nitro cold brew and draft lattes. If you're here in the summer, be sure to check out Center City Sips, a Wednesday city-wide happy hour that runs all summer long. Favorite bars and coffee shops of the tech community include: SaxbysMenagerieHubBubLa ColombeJoe CoffeeReanimator, Square One, National Mechanics, Good Dog, Ladder 15, City Tap House, South Philly Tap Room, and Sidecar

Credit: Photo by M. Fischetti for Visit Philadelphia

Check out the videos below for more of a taste of Philly's technology scene. 


local tech

These startups are combining innovative technology and grit to develop new solutions to all kinds of problems. Philly's technology scene has a reputation for focusing on healthcare and B2B SaaS tools, but new sectors are emerging all the time.




Engaging with the entrepreneurial community through events and meetups is the best way to get to know the city, so be sure to go out and make connections!

Philly Tech Sistas


Girl Develop It



bunker labs










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tools for founders

Entrepreneurs looking to accelerate their growth will find community in Philadelphia's ecosystem. All of these organizations are able to connect entrepreneurs to mentors, potential customers, talent and other support to help them grow. 

2019 Accelerator Logo_for light backgrou

Co-working Spaces

Co-working provides inexpensive offices and community for growing companies. Entrepreneurs can get exactly what they need, a P.O. box at a glorified address or office space for a large team, at co-working spaces across the city and its suburbs.

Kismet- Large Logo.png

service providers

Entrepreneurs need great service providers- development and design firms, engineering firms etc. to make their companies successful. The needs and budgets of startups are unique, and these Philly area service providers often work with the entrepreneurial community.


investors &
funding opportunities

Philadelphia's venture capital scene has a diverse set of funds at all stages of investment.


big business

These Fortune 500 companies are located within Philadelphia the Greater Philadelphia Area.



There are many (100+) universities in the Philadelphia area, many with entrepreneurial resources.

Job Postings